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Cookies and Night Time Fears. (Nahuel and I)

Mmm… I took a seat on the couch, exhaustedly flipping though channels, the deaf subtitles always turned on now for me. I glanced at my pile of books, stopping the constant touch of my finger touching the > button to look at the cookie filled cover. I gots an idea… Quickly I stood and grabbed the book, my tiredness washed away at the exited thought of making cookies while Mama was out at work, a thing she didn’t do often, and grocery shopping. Bwig Bwoder? Ya wanna make Cwookies?! I showed him the book quietly. He, after seeing the results of the visit the first time with his aunt, opted to stay with us if we didn’t mind.

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    Huh? I looked at him and whimpered slowly once I had comprehended my state, eyes growing all teary like now. You...
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    He could see the cookie dough, Al offered him now. ” I guess you would like to bake these cookies, now?” he asked, in a...